I am an adventurous lover of beauty, art, textiles, nature, man and woman kind.

As a visual artist and designer I have always found myself seeking out inspiration for combinations of colour, texture and medium. And so, it's not surprising that I have a keen interest and love for tribal cultures, textiles, music, ritual and dance.

Twenty years ago I began my business focussed on travel in Morocco. Living in this beautiful and rich country afforded me the luxury of further travels in Europe and my experiences opened up new possibilities for travel ideas elsewhere. I now offer tours to my motherland Malta, Sardinia and an annual Womens’ Wellness Week in tropical Thailand away from the cold Southern Winter.

I am blessed that my passion has become my business.  I am able to offer safe, escorted, friendly touring with physical comfort, delicious food, knowledgeable guides, comfy vehicles, breathtaking scenery and memory making times.

I see life as a celebration...beauty and adventure are my preferred medicines.

I now offer tours to my motherland Malta, and on request, a Womens Wellness Week in tropical Thailand away from the cold Southern Winter.


"It is sometimes difficult to find words big enough to describe an experience, but wonderful (full of wonder) is a start. Five of us travelled with Colleen through Morocco. She was our vivacious ticket into Moroccan people, life and meaning. We felt privileged in what we experienced every day and are so grateful for her knowledge, care and fun. Our trinkets and friendship will remind us forever of this unforgettable adventure. 
Love and thanks Lynda, Myrna, Lindsey, Lillian and Kerry.” 

"Travelling to Morocco is a must. If you want some fun, adventure and a safe travelling experience, get in touch with Colleen Cassar from Roam Like Queens. Colleen lives in Morocco and has 11 years experience tailoring itineraries for groups or offering flexible, personalised services, as we enjoyed. Colleen is a down to earth woman who has a love of people and their stories. Her willingness to share her knowledge of Morocco and what it offers comes naturally to her. Colleen always had our best interests in mind at all times. We had heaps of fun, went to all the places on the map (and some not on the map!) and felt safe at all times. 
Thanks Colleen ... SALLY CARMODY – Health Care Co-ordinator 

"With the cultural knowledge and spiritual connection Colleen has with Morocco and it's beautiful people she provided me with the most wonderful journey I have ever experienced." 
DEBRA MAR - Fashion Designer 

"I have been arranging flights on behalf of Colleen for 8 years now. During this time I have had nothing but compliments as to Colleen's outstanding expertise in organising these trips. Her choice of small group size, extensive cultural knowledge, friendships with the locals, and of course her amazing personality offer a unique experience that other tours just don't offer." 
ROS STOCK - Travel Agent 

"This experience was masterfully orchestrated and conducted by Colleen, who has a way with the baton and a knowing of the music required for each person present. Colleen works with both the head and the heart. I cannot begin to describe Morocco and it's magic, it is a special part of the world that lovingly touches each who enter." 

"It was my first trip overseas. Naturally, I had some hesitations about the unknown. I needn't have been concerned. Colleen was an excellent facilitator without compromising the fun factor! If you're looking for an adventure with a difference and something outside the square, go to Morocco with Colleen.... because it's the Colleen factor!!" 

"A trip that will be in our hearts and minds forever. It was made all the more special thanks to the expertise and organisation of our guide Colleen. I guarantee you will never forget your wonderful trip to Morocco with this equally wonderful woman!!" 
JODIE OAKLEY - Restaurateur - and her Mum - PAMELA - Horse Whisperer 

"Colleen's experience of Moroccan culture is invaluable. Her working knowledge of Moroccan Arabic enables her to communicate easily with the locals and gain their respect. I always felt safe and secure with Colleen. The trip was more than a holiday for me, it was the trip of a lifetime and I became in touch with my true self." 
MAGGIE NEUHAUS - Designer/Artist 

"Morocco - a fantastic experience, full of wonderful smells, colours and adventures. Travelling with Colleen made the adventure all the more exciting. This was a great opportunity to travel in a relaxed atmosphere full of fun, laughter and conversations and be part of a well organised and interesting group. Travelling via all modes of transport, staying in all different styles of accommodation and of course meeting people through Colleen meant that we really felt like part of the local community....... A very different, exciting holiday". 
LOIS BARNETT - Marketing Manager 

"Just over a year ago I was so pleased to be able to join a fantastic group of women for one of the best months of my life. Morocco was all that I could have ever believed it could be. So much colour, such an exotic array of difference! The people, the markets, the scenery and the architecture, in fact everything!! In all, to coin a phrase "the time of my life." 
GAIL HUITEMA - Theatre Nurse 

"Joining Colleen in the excitement of Morocco was a wonderful adventure that has made me fascinated to further explore this intriguing country. The visual delights of every day living, the markets, the smells, the food, the spices and the beauty in design made Morocco intoxicating. Colleen's outgoing nature means you meet Moroccan friends in many locations which made the trip even more enjoyable. If you are after an adventure to remember, venture off to the earthly delights of Morocco." 
TINA ULRIK - Restaurateur 

"How do I begin to tell you about my holiday of a lifetime. After conducting these tours for over 10 years Colleen Cassar has perfected her Roam Like Queens tour of Morocco. She includes so many experiences that I am sure many other travellers would never encounter. The planning that goes into Colleen's holidays is obvious. The pace is perfect (staying three days in most locations) and moving from crazy, bustling cities to peaceful towns set in mountains, desert or by the sea. The thought that Colleen has put into her accommodation really adds to the atmosphere of the holiday. The locations and quirky, boutique style riads and hotels are perfect, often staying inside or just outside the walls of the medina, with incredible outlooks over the Rif mountains, the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean. Colleen's knowledge of Morocco is amazing. If she cannot answer your question, rest assured you will have your answer the next day. On returning home to Australia, I realised that we had visited five Unesco World Heritage sites whilst touring. My advice to anyone thinking of joining Colleen on her Roam Like Queens tour of Morocco is to do it NOW before this incredible lady moves on to some new adventure. I look forward to joining Colleen on any new adventures that she has planned." 

TONI GOTT - Medical Administrator 



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